What They’re Saying

Rating - Five Stars

This reading was shockingly informative. First and foremost, I truly appreciate Alice’s willingness to do a 10 card spread. That’s so unbelievably selfless of her and definitely the most any tarot reader has done for me. Good readings always leave you either satisfied or longing for an increased understanding with more questions. With that being said, Alice has helped me to identify the fact that I have a few blockages that I need to work on unraveling, but how exactly do I go about doing so? I feel like I’ve been pointed in the right direction, but I have no idea how far I’m supposed to go. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Alice to any individual seeking tarot cards for clarity or guidance


Rating - Five Stars

Hi Alice, thank you for your reading, and for completing it in such a quick turn around. I like the format of your reading – a general overview, details of each card, and summary. The cards and your interpretation apply to my situation and resonate with me. You provided good advice and you were sensitive to my painful situation. Thanks again


Feedback Rating - Five Stars

Hello Alice,

Thank You for your diligence regarding my questions. Your explanation of the cards gave me additional confidence regarding my own thought process at the moment.

For someone who doesn’t understand Tarot cards, your breakdown and summaries made it easy to follow and reflect upon.

Thank You! 



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