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The Universe is my Home

I am supported, calm, nourished and engaged in the Universe. I do what I love and I get paid very nicely for it, but there are other things I love to do too. I am respected and respectful of others. I am a perpetual student. I love to learn about everything to do with this Universe and our connection to it. I am blessed to have an amazing family, both immediate and extended. I am excited about life. I am reclaiming my power as a woman, a wise woman, a witch and at this stage at least I feel so totally comfortable and at home living in this space. I thank the Universe for all that it has provided me. I thank my guides, the Angels and all the spirits around me for protection, understanding, love and guidance. I am only an embryo at the start of a very long, in fact unending journey and I am super excited and feel totally privileged to be a part of that. But the best part is that I’m not special. I have not been singled out to do this, everyone can get in touch with their higher selves and lead a life that serves them best that they can. And we call all do it in our very own ways. What I connect with, what resonates with me may not be the same for others and that is perfectly fine. But I think it is all about respect, understanding and serving our higher selves, all of our higher selves in a way that can make the Universe sing.

And so it is.

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