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SURRENDER - Easier said than done ??(but definitely worth it)


In a lot of my daily tarot draws (which you can find on my insta and facebook pages) I talk about “surrender”. Surrendering to the Universe, surrendering to what is, and this morning I thought perhaps it would be helpful if I explained a little about what I mean when I use the word “surrender”.

The Hanged Man from The Rider Waite Tarot Deck is the epitome of "surrender".

Firstly, I believe that we all have free will; that we all have a purpose and a reason for being, however it is totally up to us as to whether we work towards fulfilling that purpose or whether we ignore it all together. So, my version of “surrender” does not mean “throw all responsibility up in the air and I will end up where I am meant to be and it will all be ok”. We are responsible for where we end up. We all, however, have a lot of powers working for us to help us succeed, if only we just “surrender” and listen to what we are being told.

In this way, surrender relates more to “going with the flow” and probably more importantly, not working against it. Trust me, as a Chartered Accountant and a (somewhat reformed) total control freak, early in my journey, the thought of allowing an undefined entity to have a say in the outcome of certain situations seemed less than ideal. However, no faith occurs without putting in the groundwork first. None that is solid and long lasting in any event. So, we do the work so that we know what we are listening for when we surrender, and we can do this in many ways (and lots of different things work for lots of different people). This “work” can come in the form of meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, or whatever works to clear the head of all the “ego-based” chatter and instead replace it with guidance from the Universe (NB you can replace the word Universe here for basically whatever it is you comfortably use to describe what you consider to be the Omnipotent being or force that controls all that is). So surrender, to me means instead of using all of our ego-based noise (which may also include “fight or flight” tendencies) that is going around and around in our head to decide what is best to do in a certain situation (especially one that might be causing us grief), get quiet and listen to the messages the Universe is trying to send us. Sometimes this might be a feeling that “this is what I need to do”, maybe it might be that there are certain blocks that are being put up for us to do what we think we “need” to do, which might be the Universe’s way of saying to us, “not this, not now”. It might be the feeling we get about a certain person or place or it might be the urge to speak or be quiet on a specific topic at a particular time. Unless we are familiar with what it is like to receive these messages from the Universe, it might be that we aren’t sure of what is being presented to us, or we might not even know that the messages are being sent at all. So, to surrender, we practice listening to the messages and feelings that we are receiving from the Universe, and act accordingly, even if we aren’t entirely sure of what the endgame might be…

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