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Mercury in Retrograde – The Positive Side (??REALLY??)

Mercury Retrogrades are times where we expect upheaval, chaos and everything to go haywire (and often that’s exactly what happens).  However, there are also positive aspects of a Mercury Retrograde as well.

To take advantage of these positive aspects, we need to approach the period in a considered fashion instead of flying by the seat of our pants (probably good advice for a number of areas in life).  It is the regressive nature that we can use to take time to reflect.  To go back and review certain areas of our life.  What worked, what didn’t, what could have been done differently and how what we did previously impacted where we are now.  Best of all, Mercury Retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and do it again – the way that we want to. So yes, Mercury Retrograde is not the time to charge forward, to enter into new contracts, arrangements or relationships, and generally life may get in your way in that regard

– but it is the perfect time to reflect, reset, redo in order to set up the progress that you want to/ will be able to achieve when the planet returns direct

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