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Lammas - Celebrate How Far You've Come

So it’s at this time of year that we acknowledge that we are two-thirds of the way through summer, we give thanks for the harvest that we have had thus far and we note that before too long the days will start getting shorter and the nights cooler.

Lammas, which falls around 2 February here in the Southern Hemisphere is traditionally a Pagan festival during which bread, beer, corn and all other fruits from the summer harvest are enjoyed before preparations are made for the upcoming winter.

Here is a prayer I found on Pinterest which, I think, sums up Lammas beautifully:-

Quite frankly, with the heat that we have been having lately, it is hard to fathom that soon we will be draping our shoulders at night, and a dip in the pool may not be as attractive as it currently is.

Lammas is a great reminder that we all should, from time to time, stop and focus on that which we have achieved during the season and celebrate the wins before we settle down for the next turn of the Earth. All too often we are in such a mad rush that we don’t note and acknowledge where we are, where we were, and how far we have come. I believe that it is in the celebration and acknowledgement of our achievements that we attract more success in our life. It is when we are constantly striving for the unknown something without checking the signposts along the way that we are like hamsters on the wheel thinking we are busily heading somewhere we want to go but in actual reality we are just in a spinning wheel.

So this weekend, and always – but especially this weekend, take the time to sit down with a sandwich or a beer (or both) and acknowledge where you are in your life. Give thanks for all that you have achieved and received, and acknowledge what is coming next.

You can also head to my other website and check out these gorgeous Lammas Candles that I made today filled with correspondences for us to focus at this time of the year on our celebrations and achievements.

Until next time – Thank you, and so it is.

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