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Focus Among the Chaos - My take on Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

We can sometimes sense shifts taking place without fully realising what is going on around us that might be causing the change in atmosphere.  Starting form 11 August 2019 and extending through to 10 January 2020 Uranus, the planet of revolution, change, and freedom is in retrograde in Taurus, the sign of consistency, reliability and stubbornness.  So this is an interesting one…

Uranus stays in each sign for 7 years and will be in Taurus until 2026 which in itself is a total clash of energies - the rebellious, freedom seeker in the land of reliability and same same.  But whilst a lot of retrogrades can cause upheaval  and chaos, this one almost seems to give us a surge of progression (although in an oxymoronic sense).  Think about it, if we have two clashing energies making us feel as though we are being pulled in different directions, and then one of those energies appears to reverse, in some weird bizarre way we have a sense of harmony…

So what does it mean? It’s as though collectively and individually, we are we are going through a revolution to go back to where we have come from… let’s have a think about that for a minute. Most change and rebellion etc comes about so that we move into the future, “change with the times” etc, but at the moment, the driver of change is our underlying desire to return to our roots.  Instead of being the biggest, the best, the shiniest and the fastest, we are being challenged to be more considered in our approach, to look at the community as a whole instead of just worrying about those people that “matter”.  We are again learning  to respect our Earth, to be respectful of our community, and there are many people also turning back to more traditional and indigenous cultures which are resonating with their reason for being.

So if you are feeling as though things may be slowing down and that you are plodding through your life/career etc, be mindful of the energies around you and take some time to reflect on your reason.  Why are you doing what you do? Do your priorities seem to have changed without any apparent explanation?  Is what you are currently doing serving your higher purpose?  We have a chance throughout these next few months to reset the plan and focus our energies so that we can best ride the wave of chaos that could ensue when Uranus returns direct.  If you miss out on, or don't get as much out of this retrograde, however, note that Uranus is in retrograde for almost 6 months every year, so there will be other opportunities.  However, you may as well make the most out of this one while you have the chance!! 

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