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A Green Witch – What’s That?

So… although I’ve been playing in this space for a little while now. I’ve been reluctant to fully commit to the title of “Green Witch” but when you unpack it – I think it’s something that really makes a lot of sense.

Firstly, although there is quite a bit of hype surrounding same – the term “witch” really just means “wise woman”, and given my years and experience I’m ok with that title…

The “green” bit really refers to the nature and elemental forces around us. A green witch works with the natural flow of the seasons, the resources nature provides (plants, herbs, etc) and has a true connection to the land spirits and nature around them. When I first heard the term “green witch” it really resonated with me as I love being in nature, I enjoy spending time in my garden, growing things and using those things and whole foods and resources in my cooking. Now I’ve come a step further, looking more at the use of essential oils and how I can work them into the candles, soaps and other bits and pieces that I have started to create. It was finally when I looked at my windowsill this afternoon, and saw all of the plant cuttings, and the orange peel I had out drying in order to make orange oil, I realised that it was time to “embrace the green witch within”, and not only explore my journey but also share my discoveries with others along the way.

My windowsill this afternoon...

I truly think that there is something significant in the connection we have with the land and nature around us and it is something that for so many of us is super easy to forget. Planning with the moon, working with the wheel of the year, using the resources available to us and respect for all things, are concepts that really resonate with me and that I am keen to explore…

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