Who Am I?

So somehow you have stumbled across this site mwhich is really a collection of my thoughts, musings and offerings.  It seems only fair that I introduce myself and let you know who I am and where I am at with life…

The irony of it all is… I am only really discovering all of this myself.  I’m sure there are quite a few others going through the same thing at various stages of our lives.  As I wind through my adventure I am finding more and more things that make a lot of sense to me right now.  More sense than I have found for quite some time.  The thought that nature has a rhythm and that we can work within that rhythm really resonates, as does the idea of respect of nature and each other and really getting back to basics in order to live in the flow of the Universe. Now remember, I am on a journey here, and I have only really just started so I am by no means an expert or specialist in any of these areas.  Really, I am taking in a lot of information and seeing how it sits with me and then trying to work it all into my everyday life.

I am a Certified Tarot Reader (you can purchase a reading in my shop), student of and astrology, a bit of a green witch and very excited about what this next chapter has to offer.

Feel free to join me on the ride.


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